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States of Reform: Public Health and Health Care Transformation in the Northwest

Spring/Summer 2014 • Volume 31 Number 1

The Affordable Care Act is stimulating new connections and collaborations between public health and other disciplines such as health care, environmental health, community development, urban planning, and business. In this issue of Northwest Public Health, we explore some of the opportunities and challenges that health care reform presents for public health, and highlight some of the innovative work being done in the Northwest. We invite you to explore this issue, share your comments at the bottom of each feature, and give us your feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d like to see in future issues.


Howard Frumkin

From the Dean

Howard Frumkin
What does the ACA mean for our region?

Tao Kwan-Gett

From the Editor

Tao Sheng Kwan-Gett
Northwest Public Health transformed


Making a Difference

Updates from the UW School of Public Health

Regional Roundup

Regional Roundup

ACA developments from throughout the Northwest

Doug Conrad

Close Up

Conversation with Doug Conrad

Jose Carmona

First Person

Jose Carmona
Connecting people to health care

The Invincibles

Students Speak

UW School of Public Health students and the ACA



#ACA thoughts



First Steps and Second Chances

Loreen Nichols
Innovations by Oregon’s Multnomah County Health Department are making a difference.


Hospitals Come Together for Community Health

Candace Tkachuck
The ACA stimulates hospitals in King County, Washington, to become involved with community health in new ways.


Opinion: Rx Home

Daniel Malone
What if the best way to improve the health of homeless persons is to give them housing?


Wrangling Health Data in Wyoming

Candace Tkachuck
Medical professionals and public health practitioners are collaborating to make the most of their data to improve population health.


Workplace Wellness

Rebecca L. Levine
In Tacoma, Washington, a workplace wellness program makes getting healthy part of the workday.


Regional Infographic

State by State Health Care Enrollment

A regional infographic gives a snapshot of Medicaid expansion and marketplace enrollment in the Northwest.

Provisions of the ACA

Public Health Provisions of the ACA

The ACA is about more than health care.