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Editorial Board


Northwest Public Health is directed by an editorial board that provides a range of perspectives to the production of the magazine. If you would be interested in serving on the board, contact us at

Wendy Braund, MD, MPH, MSEd

State Health Officer/Senior Administrator
Wyoming Department of Health
Cheyenne, Wyoming

James Bush, MD
State Medicaid Medical Officer
Office of Health Care Financing
Wyoming Department of Health
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Victor Colman, JD
Uncommon Solutions
Olympia, Washington

Carlos Crespo, DrPH, MS
Professor and Director
School of Community Health
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

Amanda Gaston, MAT
Project Coordinator
Project Red Talon
Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
Portland, Oregon

Rhonda Johnson, DrPH, MPH, FNP
Department of Health Sciences
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska

Tom Locke, MD, MPH
Health Officer
Clallam and Jefferson Counties
Port Angeles, Washington



Maggie Mann, BS
District Director
Southeastern Idaho Public Health
Pocatello, Idaho

Carly Marie Miller, MD, MPH
Occupational Medicine Fellow
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Craig Molgaard, PhD, MPH
School of Public and Community Health Sciences
University of Montana
Missoula, Montana

Uwe Reischl, PhD, MD
Department of Community and Environmental Health
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho

Melanie Reynolds, MPH
Health Officer
Lewis and Clark City-County Health Department
Helena, Montana

Nikki Zogg, PhD, MPH
Central Oregon Area Manager
Advantage Dental
Redmond, Oregon